Highlights are something you are likely too see everyday without even realising it. They can be fine and subtle to give a sun kissed effect or bright and thick to contrast and give a more fun look to the hair. Highlighting is a technique used to lift the natural hair colour lighter than before using pre-lightner.


Lowlights are, as expected, the opposite of highlights. Instead of lifting the colour of the hair a few shades, you use the same method to take the sections a few shades darker than the natural base colour to achieve a softer, darker colour; If you feel your hair is looking solidly one colour, then it's time for some lowlights! This technique is especially good for adding dimension, depth and appearance of thicker hair while creating a more natural-looking blend.


If your natural colour is dark brown, and you opt for platinum-blonde highlights, then you'll see dark dots of regrowth in approximately one week. If you're naturally light and closer to a dirty blonde than a brunette, then you might not notice roots for two months. It depends how much you dislike seeing your roots, and the depth of your natural hair. This would de

Average growth is 1/2 inch per month, but some people's grows at twice that rate, while others only see a 1/4-inch growth in a four-week span. Your metabolism, diet, and other factors unique to your genetics affect growth speed.


Blonde is usually the hardest on your hair's health. That's because in order to lighten hair you have to lift the pigment from it, and that requires ammonia and a higher peroxide strenght — two of the most damaging chemicals in hair dye.

To prevent damage, one week after dying your hair, do a deep-conditioning treatment; continue to do so on a weekly basis, also have regualar hair cuts to avoid the spilt ends.


Since little-to-no lifting of your natural colour is required when going brunette, this colour is the least damaging and the most low-maintenance.


Because red fades the fastest, this is the shade that requires the most effort and maintenance. Don't wash your hair until about a week after you go red. I suggest only once or twice a week shampoos after that. You can use a dry shampoo throughout the week if you feel oily. And, every other time you wash your hair, use a red-enhancing shampoo to keep your colour fresh and bright.

As you can see, there are no hard rules when it comes to maintaining your hair colour — just suggestions. I have some clients who are quite particular, and never want their roots to show, while others don't mind going a little longer between touch-ups. But, no matter how often you visit the salon or dye your hair at home, don't forget the importance of caring for it between apointments.